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Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry

Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry

Molecules and ions with a twelve or more membered ring are referred to as macrocycles. Crown ethers, calixarenes, porphyrins, and cyclodextrins are all classic examples. Macrocycles describe a big, mature domain of chemistry. The availability of thermodynamic data is critical in the design process, as macrocyclic chemistry is increasingly seen as a way to build novel compounds with built-in selective qualities by a growing number of scientists. Because macrocyclic compounds are so important in supramolecular chemistry, the design and synthesis of new macrocyclic compounds is still a hot topic. However, it is uncommon for chemists to find new classes of macrocyclic compounds, which could have a wide range of applications and provide chemists with new pathways to investigate these novel supramolecular systems and materials.

Supramolecular chemistry is 'chemistry beyond the molecule,' referring to the higher-order organised entities that come from the interaction of two or more chemical species held together by intermolecular forces. Its creation necessitates the application of all molecular chemistry resources, as well as the controlled manipulation of non-covalent interactions, to produce supramolecular entities, supramolecules with properties that are as clearly defined as those of molecules.

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