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Advanced Synthesis, Catalytic Systems and New Catalyst Designing

Advanced Synthesis, Catalytic Systems and New Catalyst Designing

Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis focuses on the development and use of efficient synthetic techniques and strategies in organic bioorganic pharmaceutical natural product macromolecular and materials chemistry to stimulate and advance that process. Natural products, medicines, macromolecules, and organic materials are all possible objectives for synthetic research. While catalytic methods based on metal complexes or enzymes are becoming increasingly important in achieving synthetic efficiency, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis encompasses all areas of interest to the practical synthetic chemist, including synthesis design, reaction techniques, separation science, and process development.

Catalytic systems are made up of a metal and a ligand, as well as an activator and a deactivator.

The efficient design and development of catalysts is critical to addressing today's energy and resource utilisation concerns. Effective catalyst design, on the other hand, is a multi-step process that starts with the production of potential catalytic materials, then evaluates and modifies their properties with the goal of increasing catalytic activity for a certain reaction or reaction network.

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