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Scientific Program

Honorable Organizing Committee Member for Catalysis 2021 Conference -  Teresa Poerio
Keynote presentation
Title : Catalytic and photocatalytic membrane reactors
Teresa Poerio, CNR-ITM, Italy

The search for alternative methods to those applied for chemical production at an industrial level, such as reduction and oxidation processes, has become more intense. Many studies emphasize the innovative potentialities and the emerged role of the m [....]

Honorable Organizing Committee Member for Catalysis 2021 Conference -  Palanichamy Manikandan
Keynote presentation
Title : Catalysts for Ethylbenzene to Styrene: Challenges & Breakthrough
Palanichamy Manikandan, Clariant Corporation

Styrene is one of the major commodity chemicals/monomers used for the production of different polymeric materials such as polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and styrene-butadiene rubber, which find their use in several segments i [....]

Leading Speaker of International Catalysis 2021- Deepak Ganta
Keynote Presentation
Title : Nanomaterial as catalysts in photoelectrochemical energy conversion and hydrophobic recovery
Deepak Ganta, Texas A&M International University, USA

Natural plant-based dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) gained significance due to their low cost, non-toxicity, environmental friendliness and availability. Plant dyes serve as a sensitizer, which absorbs sunlight and converts solar energy into elect [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Keyur Bhatt
Oral Presentation
Title : Highly efficient functionalized calix[4]pyrrole wrapped scrupulous nano-palladium catalyst
Keyur Bhatt, Ganpat University, India

Calix(4)pyrrole-palladium nanoparticles synthesis with the help of meso-modified hydroxy calix(4)pyrrole (OHCP) derivatives. OHCP-PdNPs utilized for the C-C coupling reactions as an efficient nanocatalyst. This study includes the stability as well as [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Ozgur Arar
Oral Presentation
Title : Sustainable removal of Phosphate from aqueous solutions by Electrodeionization (EDI)
Ozgur Arar, Ege University, Turkey

Phosphorus is widely used in agriculture and industry. It is an important substance in the human body but excessive phosphorus in the water system may cause environmental problems known as eutrophication. In this work, the electrodeionization (EDI) t [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Orlando Elguera
Oral Presentation
Title : Review of research topics for scaling-up of sonochemical reactors (sono-reactors)
Orlando Elguera, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

This study is aimed to review the topics of chemical engineering to take in consideration for the scaling-up of reactors, in order to perform processes based on the application of the sonochemistry at industrial level. Sonochemistry is an emergent te [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Hyeyoung Shin
Oral Presentation
Title : Computational design of highly active electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Hyeyoung Shin, Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea

Electrocatalyst is a key component to applications of electrochemistry in energy and environment. Metal oxides/oxyhydroxides are promising electrocatalysts beyond metals which have been mainly used as electocatalysts but suffered from its intrinsic l [....]

 Leading Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Ben Tayeb Karima
Oral Presentation
Title : Characterization of petroleum fractions by in situ EPR spectroscopy
Ben Tayeb Karima, University of Lille, France

The behavior and the structural properties of organic radical species (ORs) in their native hydrocarbon environment as a function of temperature was investigated by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (EPR). Five petroleum fractions derived [....]

Renowned Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Antonia Iazzetti
Oral Presentation
Title : Palladium-catalyzed benzylic-like nucleophilic substitution of benzofuran-2-ylmethyl acetate with N, S, O and C soft nucleophiles
Antonia Iazzetti, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Italy

The benzo[b]furan core is a motif present in several natural and unnatural pharmacologically active compounds exhibiting various biological properties including anti-infiammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-arrhythmic, hemostatic, antimicrobial, anti-viral, [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Mayra Elba Manzanera Estrada
Oral Presentation
Title : Effect of tunable redox behavior of bis chelate substituted 1, 10-phenantroline Cu(II) complexes on its reaction with superoxide anion in DMSO. Toward a simple criterion to identify a SOD-like mechanism
Mayra Elba Manzanera Estrada, Instituto Tecnològico Superior Zacatecas Sur, Mexico

Abstract: In this work we report a series of Cu(II) complexes [Cu(N-N)2(X)] +, (N-N = substituted 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives and X = Cl− or NO3 −), with tunable E1/2 for electrochemical reduction [CuII(N-N)2(X)]+ + 1e− ? [CuI ( [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Ervin Kovacs
Oral Presentation
Title : Green solvents as a new tool for olefin metathesis
Ervin Kovacs, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungary

Olefin metathesis plays an important role in the field of pharmaceuticals, materials and petrochemical processes. Olefin metathesis is a catalytic process which involves a pair of carbon-carbon double bonds to be rearranged in order to form new produ [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Ashanendu Mandal
Oral Presentation
Title : Adsorptive removal of toxic phenol from industrial wastewater using low-cost adsorbents
Ashanendu Mandal, Doctorate in Chemical Engineering at University of Calcutta, India

Phenol being toxic in nature needs to be removed from wastewater before its discharge. This research aims for removal of phenol through adsorption process using several low-cost adsorbents. Four bio-adsorbents such as guava tree bark, rice husk, neem [....]

Renowned Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Devalina Ray
Oral Presentation
Title : Transition metal-catalyzed site-selective C-H functionalization of N-heteroaromatics
Devalina Ray, Amity University, India

Nitrogen containing heterocycles and their analogues are ubiquitous organic scaffolds found in nature and are known as medicinally important pharmacophores, among which azoles, pyrroles, indoles and quinolines have the most frequent occurrence. Hence [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference - Haider Almkhelfe
Oral presentation
Title : Supercritical Fluids as Reaction Media for Scalable Production of Carbon Nanomaterials
Haider Almkhelfe, Kansas State University, Iraq

We have demonstrated scalable and selective synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon nanofibers (CNFs), and onion-like carbon (OLC) in a batch reactor using supercritical fluids (SCF) as reaction media. The process utilizes toluene and alcohols ( [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference - Anaam Al-ShaikhAli
Oral presentation
Title : Development of NiZn Bimetallic Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution via Selective Dehydrogenation of Methylcyclohexane
Anaam Al-ShaikhAli, Saudi Aramco, Research and Development Center, Saudi Arabia

Liquid organic chemical hydride is a promising candidate for hydrogen storage and its easy transport. Dehydrogenation of methylcyclohexane (MCH) to toluene (TOL) has been considered as one of the feasible cycles for hydrogen carrier, but selective [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference - Rocio Redon
Oral Presentation
Title : Heck catalysis of palladium nanoparticles obtained in different reducing systems
Rocio Redon, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Palladium(0) nanoparticles have been widely used in cross coupling reactions, including Heck reactions. For this study, we obtained palladium(0) nanoparticles in colloidal suspension using different combinations of solvents and reducing methods under [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference -  Riam Abu Much
Oral presentation
Title : Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Context with Nanotechnology Applications
Riam Abu Much, The Academic Arab College for Education in Haifa, Israel

Nanoscience and nanotechnology (NST) are at the forefront of modern science in the 21st century. Nanotechnology applications are penetrating all aspects of society, affecting humans’ everyday life and needs, in addition to their great contribut [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Boucheloukh Hadjira
Oral Presentation
Title : Degradation of non-steroidal drug under solar irradiation in the presence of NiFe2 O4 nanoparticle
Boucheloukh Hadjira, University of Constantine, Algeria

To optimize water purification and wastewater treatment by heterogeneous photocatalysis we utilize a NiFe2O4 or as a catalyst and solar irradiation as a source of energy. In this concept an organic substance present in many industrial effluents was c [....]

Speaker for Catalysis 2021- Miryusif Mirbabayev
Oral Presentation
Title : Mathematical modeling of the adsorption process with variable conditions
Miryusif Mirbabayev, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan

In modern chemical technology, adsorption devices are widely used for the interaction of substances in various states of aggregation. The desire to intensify the operation of industrial adsorbers leads to an increase in the speed of phase movement, a [....]

Honorable Organizing Committee Member for Catalysis 2021 Conference -  Yuyuan Zhao
Keynote presentation
Title : Hierarchical Porous Metals Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy and De-alloying
Yuyuan Zhao, University of Liverpool, UK

This presentation gives a short overview of the characteristic properties of porous metals manufactured by powder metallurgy based space-holder methods. In this family of methods, a metal powder is first mixed with a filler material in the powder for [....]

Organizing Committee Member for Catalysis Conference 2021 - Satish Kumar David
Keynote presentation
Title : ?- Alkynol inhibition in Ru/Pt dual catalysis for hydrosilylation of silicones
Pierre Chevalier, Dow Silicones Belgium SPR, Belgium

The platinum-catalyzed hydrosilylation reaction between a silicon-hydrogen and a carbon-carbon double bond is one of the foundational chemistries for the silicone industry. Since first reported in 1957, this addition reaction has been extensively use [....]

Honorable Organizing Committee Member for Catalysis 2021 Conference -  Matteo Tonezzer
Keynote presentation
Title : Nanowires in a thermal gradient: from resistive chemosensors to smart detection
Matteo Tonezzer, IMEM-CNR, Italy

Resistive sensors based on metal oxide nanostructures are very interesting because they are tiny, simple, cheap to fabricate and to use, possibly low power consuming, and can sense almost any gas. Unfortunately, this last property is not so positive, [....]

Organizing Committee Member for Catalysis Conference 2021 - Satish Kumar David
Keynote presentation
Title : True design and characterization of catalyst and photocatalyst materials through electron trap-distribution analyses
Bunsho OHTANI, Hokkaido University, Japan

How can we design solid photocatalysts? What is the decisive factor controlling photocatalytic activities? So-called band-structure model (BSM), electrons in a valence band (VB) of a photocatalyst is photoexcited to a conduction band (CB), leaving po [....]

Organizing Committee Member for Catalysis 2021- Osman Adiguzel
Keynote Presentation
Title : The role of thermomechanical reactions in memory behavior of shape memory alloys
Osman Adiguzel, Firat University,Turkey Poster

Shape memory effect is a peculiar property exhibited by a series of alloy systems in the β-phase fields. These alloys have dual characteristics called thermoelasticity and superelasticity, governed by successive thermal and stress induced marten [....]

Speaker for Catalysis Conference 2021 - Jeasmin Akter
Poster presentation
Title : Enhanced activity of TiO2-based photocatalyst under visible light: Selective Preparation of Ti3+/TiO2/CNT and Ti3+/TiO2/carbon layer nano composites
Jeasmin Akter, Jeonbuk National University, South Korea

TiO2 is an effective photocatalyst; however, its wide bandgap limits its usefulness to the UV region. As a solution to this problem, a convenient route was developed for the selective preparation of two stable nanocomposites, Ti3+/TiO2/CNT and Ti3+/T [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference - Tomasz Borowski
Poster Presentation
Title : Studies of influence of a magnetic field on mixing efficiency
Tomasz Borowski, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland

Static or alternating magnetic fields may be used to increase the process intensity instead of the mechanical mixing. Static magnetic fields are used as electromagnetic brakes and alternating magnetic fields are commonly used as electromagnetic stirr [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference - Kamila Splinter
Poster Presentation
Title : Preparation of Iron Pigments Based on Waste Iron(II) Sulfate
Kamila Splinter, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland

The study on the possibility of the synthesis of iron pigments based on a waste iron(II) sulfate from the production of titanium dioxide by the Sulfate Process in Grupa Azoty Zak?ady Chemiczne “POLICE” S.A. The work uses solid wastes f [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference -  Swati Saini
Poster Presentation
Title : ZSM-5 modified catalysts for the conversion of bioethanol to aromatics
Swati Saini, CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, India

The production of aromatics and other petrochemicals from renewable sources will be a sustainable approach and reduce the loads on fossil resources. Eventually, it will help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produced with these materials' c [....]

Speaker at Catalysis Conference - Richard Ahorsu
Poster presentation
Title : Production of liquid fuel from furan derivatives through microwave-aided process in bi-mixtures with monophasic configuration
Richard Ahorsu, Rovira I Virgili University, Spain

Concern over global climate change has spurred the development of new pathways for using biomass waste as a raw source for biofuels and commercial chemicals. The utilization of furfural and ketones as feedstocks for aldol condensation and dehydration [....]

Speaker at Catalysis Conference - Olga Bartlewicz
Poster presentation
Title : SILP materials based on TiO2-SiO2 support as efficient and recyclable catalytic systems for hydrosilylation reaction
Olga Bartlewicz, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

Catalytic processes are one of the most important branches of the chemistry. Heterogeneous catalysts which reduce the costs of the reaction and enable their easy isolation and reuse, are very important aspects of this field. One of the more and more [....]

Speaker at Catalysis Conference - Linda Zh. Nikoshvili
Oral presentation
Title : Aromatic Polymers as a Stabilizing Medium for Pd Nanoparticles in Suzuki Reaction
Linda Zh. Nikoshvili, Tver State Technical University, Russia

Among different polymers nanostructured cross-linked aromatics have the greatest potential as catalytic supports due to their exceptional thermal and chemical stability and preservation of the active phase morphology. Hyper-cross-linked aromatic poly [....]

Respected Speaker for Catalysis 2021 Conference - Dawid Soloducha
Oral Presentation
Title : Neutralization reaction induced by different types of magnetic field
Dawid Soloducha, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland

The study investigated the possibility of conducting mixing process in a custom mixing system equipped with a magnetic field generator. The aim of presented work was to apply magnetic fields (rotating magnetic field, static magnetic field, pulsati [....]

Speaker at Catalysis 2021-  Mahdi Bourassi
Oral Presentation
Title : Catalytic wet air oxidation of antibiotics over supported platinum on different supports fractions based CEO2 and ZRO2
Mahdi Bourassi, Environemental Science, Czech republic

Emerging contaminants have serious effects on the environment. Especially contaminants loaded with used water, which affect fauna, flora, and contaminate soils. Antibiotics are considered as an emerged threat originated from leaking and incompletely [....]

Speaker at Catalysis Conference -  BOUAZIZ Lydia
Oral presentation
Title : Effect of Iodine doping ZnO on electrochemical ethylparaben (EthP) detection
BOUAZIZ Lydia, Laboratory of Functional Organic Analysis, Algeria

Parabens, esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid (including methylparaben (MeP), ethylparaben (EthP), propylparaben (PrP) and butylparaben (BuP)), are homologous molecules used in industry due to their antimicrobial activity. These molecules are also p [....]

Speaker for Catalysis Conferences - Jelena Petrovic
Oral presentation
Title : Efficient adsorption of lead ions from aqueous solution using Fe/Mg modified grape pomace hydrochar
Jelena Petrovic, Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Raw Mineral Materials, Serbia

Within this study, the potential application of grape pomace hydrochar as a potential adsorbent of lead ions from aqueous solutions will be investigated for the first time. For preparation of hydrochar, the grape pomace was hydrothermally carbonized [....]

Speaker for Catalysis World Conference - Bhavana B. Kulkarni
Oral presentation
Title : One-pot hydrogenation-esterification of furfural with acetic acid for the selective synthesis of furfuryl acetate over bifunctional Pd@UiO-66(Hf) catalyst
Bhavana B. Kulkarni, Materials Science & Catalysis Division, India

Development of new strategies for tandem reactions that demands composite catalyst with multifunctionality is essential for bio-oil upgradation. This work focuses on a model bio-oil-upgrading method, one-pot hydrogenation-esterification (OHE) of furf [....]

Speaker for Catalysis  Conference - Binitha N Narayanan
Oral presentation
Title : Highly reusable novel sodium titanate nanotube catalyst for Bio-diesel production
Binitha N Narayanan, Department of Chemistry, Sree Neelakanta Government Sanskrit College Pattambi, India

Being renewable and clean-burning, biodiesel, originated from triglyceride oils/fats, get relevance over conventional diesel fuels. Among the different triglyceride sources, waste cooking oil has high significance in terms of price and effective use [....]

Speaker at Catalysis Conference - Özlem ALPTEK?N
Oral presentation
Title : The role of the hydrolases in drug synthesis
Ozlem ALPTEKiN, Cukurova University, Turkey

Enzymes are molecules in most protein structures that catalyze important biochemical reactions in living organisms. But in the early 2000s, studies have shown that enzymes can also be used in drug synthesis. Chemical syntheses may damage the environm [....]

Speaker at Catalysis Conference - Riheb Mabrouk
Oral presentation
Title : Advanced Lattice Boltzmann simulation of melting/solidifying processes of a composite metal foam/paraffin through a rectangular channel
Riheb Mabrouk , University of Monastir, Tunisia

This work performs a numerical investigation of time-dependent forced convection heat transfer in a rectangular open-ended channel fully filled with a porous structure (metal foam) and saturated with a phase change material (PCM) which is t [....]

Speaker at Catalysis 2021- Nurul Islam Siddique
Oral Presentation
Title : Impact of supplementary nutrients on Bio-methane production from anaerobic digestion of farming waste: Feasibility & fertilizer recovery
Nurul Islam Siddique, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Unlike wastes digested together might be the enhancement of needs for the micro-organisms drew in with anaerobic digestion. In the present study, the influence of supplements on the digestion of cultivating substrates was evaluated. An improvement pl [....]

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