Thomas Graule

Potential speaker for catalysis conference - Thomas Graule
Thomas Graule
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Empa,Switzerland


Prof. Dr. Thomas Graule is Head of the Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics at Empa. He studied Inorganic, Analytical and Organic Chemistry, completed his PhD at Max Planck Institute for Materials Research, Stuttgart. After working as an assistant professor in advanced shaping techniques at ETH Zürich and in ceramics industry he joined Empa in 1999. Thomas published more than 200 papers, his h-Index is 41. He is appointed Professor for Nanoparticle Synthesis and Nanocomposite Technology at the TU Freiberg, D, visiting professor at AGH Krakow, PL, and lecturer at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Main competence are in (nano) powder synthesis, surface modification of powders and advanced shaping techniques.

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