University Abdelmalek Essaadi, Tangier



Tarik CHAFIK is currently full Professor, Research Director and Master courses coordinator at the Faculty of Sciences and Technique of Tangier (Morocco), where he is teaching Thermodynamic, Chemical engineering, catalysis and atmospheric pollution control. Before his appointment at University Abdelmalek Essadi, he was Post doc researcher at University of Patras (Greece) than he worked at National Institute for Resources and Environment (AIST, Tsukuba Japan). He was awarded as Fulbright visiting researcher at University California Berkeley (USA) in 1999 (with Prof. A. T. Bell). He was visiting Professor positions at Alma Mater University of Bologna for research and teaching assignments within European Master Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry as well as at the University of Lille, France. He was, also, several times invited lecturer at the universities in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany. Prof. T. Chafik’s research is focused on sustainable development technologies such as those involving adsorbents and catalysts for VOC removal and methane reforming as well as nanomaterials for winds turbine lubricant additive and nanoporous carbon for energy