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Ahmed Almogbel

Catalysis 2023
Ahmed Almogbel, Speaker at Catalysis 2023
King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Title : Enhancing energy efficiency in buildings through functional nano-coatings for window glazing: A study on the thermal behavior of glass in saudi arabia


Understanding and predicting the thermal behaviors of a building's interior requires knowledge of the amount of heat flow. Improving the performance of a building's window system is necessary for achieving greater energy efficiency. Glazing materials in windows allow visible solar radiation to enter the building, providing adequate illumination levels. However, the infrared part of solar radiation that enters through the glazing can cause an increase in interior temperature. Therefore, glazing is a crucial component in designing and analyzing energy demands, heating and cooling loads, and thermal comfort in a building. This study focuses on developing functional nano-coatings for window glazing in Saudi Arabia. The thermal behavior of glass was investigated, and different materials with optimized film properties of thickness and doping level of antimony tin oxides (ATO) were prepared. The glass U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and net heat transfer through the window were calculated. The results showed that the thermal insulation of the glass was significantly affected by the coating thickness and doping level. The simulated net heat transfer through the window decreased linearly with an increase in both coating thickness and ATO concentration. Additionally, the overall transmittance in the visible region and reflectance in the infrared and ultraviolet regions decreased with an increase in the weight content of antimony doped tin oxides ATO, as well as an increase in coating thickness.


Ahmed M. Almogbel has over twenty years of teaching, research, management and training in different areas of Mechanical engineering, including power, materials, design and manufacturing. He has 15 technical papers to his credit and supervised 7 graduation projects in various areas of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, air conditioning manufacturing and science of materials. He is specialized in Air Conditioning Systems, Human Thermal Comfort inside the Building Envelope and Thermal Insulations. He has already conducted several applied researches in Solar Air-conditioning system, Desiccant-Evaporative Cooling technology, Energy Performance optimization for Hot and Dry Air Conditioning Systems, and solar adsorption air conditioning system.