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Ahmed Almogbel

Catalysis 2023
Ahmed Almogbel, Speaker at Catalysis 2023
Ahmed Almogbel
King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia


Ahmed M. Almogbel has over twenty years of teaching, research, management and training in different areas of Mechanical engineering, including power, materials, design and manufacturing. He has 15 technical papers to his credit and supervised 7 graduation projects in various areas of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, air conditioning manufacturing and science of materials. He is specialized in Air Conditioning Systems, Human Thermal Comfort inside the Building Envelope and Thermal Insulations. He has already conducted several applied researches in Solar Air-conditioning system, Desiccant-Evaporative Cooling technology, Energy Performance optimization for Hot and Dry Air Conditioning Systems, and solar adsorption air conditioning system.