Nurul Islam Siddique

Catalysis 2021
Nurul Islam Siddique, Speaker at Speaker for Catalysis Conference- Nurul Islam Siddique
University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia
Title : Impact of supplementary nutrients on Bio methane production from anaerobic digestion of farming waste: Feasibility & fertilizer recovery


Unlike wastes digested together might be the enhancement of needs for the micro-organisms drew in with anaerobic digestion. In the present study, the influence of supplements on the digestion of cultivating substrates was evaluated. An improvement plan which serves a critical job in the anaerobic digestion was used at three stages: 37 °C, 40 °C, and 50 °C. Results showed that at 37 °C by the utilization of enhancements, biogas production accomplished 1.38-times that of control. Additionally, 40 °C without supplements addressed a fascinating philosophy as a result of the incredible utilization of this mid-temperature that had been found huge (56 % of VS end and 8.4 L-biogas). The anaerobic co-digestion at 50 °C exhibited that biogas production surpassed 11.3 L with supplements and that mL-CH4/g-VS were 1.24-times that achieved for the system without extra enhancement. Results for each temperature exhibit that the enhancement course of action adds to codigestion. Also, 37 °C was the most utilized temperature on the advanced scale and had the best impact on the utilization of enhancements during the anaerobic process. Recovery of sludge was 0.09 m3 sludge/m3 substrate and the recovery of water was 0.86 (m3 sludge/m3 substrate) from the digester. The processed sludge can be utilized as compost and the water can be utilized for irrigation purposes. The time required to recapture the investment was seen as 3.77 y.


Dr. Md Nurul Islam Siddique studied Civil Engineering at the Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh, and graduated as MS in 2012 from University Malaysia Pahang. He then joined the research group of Prof. Zularisam at the Institute of University Malaysia Pahang. He received her Ph.D. degree in 2015 at the same institution. After that, he obtained the position of Assistant Professor at the University Malaysia Pahang. She has published more than 40 research articles in ISI journals.