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Suresh C Ameta

Catalysis 2023
Suresh C Ameta, Speaker at Catalysis 2023
Paher University, Udaipur, India
Title : Photocatalysis: An eco-friendly technology


The pollution of water is increasing day by day with a rapid pace and it has reached an alarming situation in this century. Although, many methods are available for wastewater treatment but majority of them are not green chemical in nature. The scarcity of useable/potable water in becoming a burning problem all over the globe. Photocatalysis has emerged as a promising technique for wastewater treatment. It can degrade some stable organic pollutants also to less harmful or harmless smaller degradation products. However, the activity of a photocatalysis is restricted by little absorption in the visible range and fast electron–hole pair recombination. These limitations can be overcome by increasing the photocatalytic activity by some modifications such as sensitization, doping, Z-scheme, use of co-catalyst, composite formation, etc. The reduction of carbon dioxide and photosplitting of water to hydrogen can also be driven photocatalytically to solve the problems of global warming and generation of hydrogen as the fuel of future. All these will be discussed in the presentation.


Prof. Suresh C. Ameta obtained his masters degree from university of Udaipur and was awarded gold medal-1970. He secured First position in M. Phil-1978 in Vikram University, Ujjain (M. P.). He also obtained Ph. D degree from this University in 1980. He has served as Professor & Head, Department of Chemistry, North Gujarat University, Patan (1994) and M. L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur (2002-2005) & Head, Department of Polymer Science (2005-2008). He also served as Dean, P.G. Studies for a period of four years (2004-2008). He has served as Dean, Faculty of Science, PAHER University, Udaipur for six years (2011-2017). Presently, he is working as Professor of Eminence (Distinguished Professor of Chemistry) in Pacific University, Udaipur.