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Dhanasekaran P

Catalysis 2023
Dhanasekaran P, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, India
Title : Fixed bed adsorption of Arsenate [As(V)] and Arsenite [As(III)] from groundwater using artocarpus hirsutus based adsorbent


Anjili tree (Artocarpus hirsutus) sawdust (44%) impregnated with ferric hydroxide (28%) and activated alumina (28%) to form an adsorbent SFAA contains micro, meso and macro pores with high BET surface area and good pore size distribution. The macro pores transport the liquid to the meso pores, these pores highly increases the surface area (61.10 m2/g). The fixed bed experiments were carried out to study the effect of parameters such as flow rate, inlet concentration, particle size and bed height on breakthrough and adsorption capacity. As(III,V) inlet concentration 1 mg/L with 1 mL/min flow rate through 0.121 mm size SFAA particles and 12 cm bed height gives efficient As(III) & As(V) adsorption with good breakthrough. The breakthrough behavior was also effectively described by the Thomas and Clark model. Regeneration studies reveal that the SFAA can be suitable for industrial scale operations.