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E K T Siva Kumar

Catalysis 2022
E K T Siva Kumar, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Anna University, India
Title : Photocatalytic performance of nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide WO3 composite


In this study, we have been synthesized porous hybrid N-doped graphene oxide (NGO)-WO3 composite for photo degradation efficiency tested with methyl orange (MO) decomposition under visible-light irradiation. The NGO- WO3 composite were synthesized by a by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method. The synthesized NGO- WO3 composite were characterized by X-ray diffractometer (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), UV-Vis spectrophotometers. The particle sizes were obtained to be 34 nm for NGO-WO3 composite was determined by XRD spectra and further confirmed by TEM analysis. Adding WO3 into NGO further results improve surface morphology and shift in the energy band gap from 3.40 eV to 2.26 eV was observed for the pure WO3 and NGO-WO3 composite.  The photo catalytic activity of the NGO-WO3 composite tested with MO decomposition under visible-light irradiation. Visible light irradiation are contributed for degradation of 70% of MO dye within 120 min for NGO-WO3 composite compared with 40% degradation efficiency by pure WO3.  The main reason for a remarkable increasing in the degradation efficiency of the composite which considered WO3 is associated with NGO on reduction in size of the particles, decreases electron hole pair recombination and increasing efficiency of charge carrier separation and extended the visible light adsorption range. Furthermore, the possible reaction mechanism for the dye degradation of NGO-WO3 composite was also discussed. Hydrothermal method was economically feasible, improved optical properties of WO3, we can consider these material very effective photo catalysis for various organic dyes.


Dr. E.K.T. Sivakumar, Visiting Professor Department of Ceramic Technology, Anna University, Chennai, is a /Scientist / Philanthropist/ Educationalist/ and an academician-cum-researcher with an immense passion for serving Motherland and its people.He has authored more than 24 books in English and Tamil. He has participated in various national and international seminars, workshops, and scientific conferences and presented papers on a range of scientific topics. He received Scientist of the year 2008 by NESA NEWDELHI.  He is a recipient of many such awards. SSCE’s Eminent Scientist Award 2020 is another feather to his cap and also a motivation to serve society even more.