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Odette Concepcion

Catalysis 2022
Odette Concepcion, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
University of Concepcion, Chile
Title : Organocatalytic or Multicomponent approach to the synthesis of new pentasubstituted cyclopentenes


The asymmetric synthesis of cyclic compounds in special 5-membered carbocyclic ring systems is of grand importance, once this scaffold is widely found in numerous medicinal and biologically active compounds. 1 For this porpoise, metal transition catalyst is extensively used;2 however, the organocatalytic-multicomponent approach version has been an unexplored area. So, in this work, a sequential asymmetric organocatalytic tandem conjugated addition 3 followed by a multicomponent reaction was done.  The reaction between propanal and (E)-2-(2-nitrovinyl)phenols was catalyzed by Jørgensen-Hayashi organocatalyst to produce the not isolated bifunctional chiral intermediate, which was reacted in presence of amines and isocyanides components by a Ugi MW procedure. Unexpected enatio- and diastereoselective fully substituted cyclopentenes in the yield range of 55-70% were obtained. 


Dr. Odette Concepcion received her degree in Chemistry from the University of Havana (Cuba). She then joined the research group of Prof. Daniel Garcia Rivera at the Center for Natural Products Study, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Havana, Zapata y G, 10400, La Habana, Cuba. She received his Ph.D. degree in 2016 at the same institution. After that, she obtained a postdoctoral FONDECYT fellowship at the University of Concepcion (Chile) (2017-2020). Currently, is a professor at the Faculty of Chemical Science at the University of Concepcion. She has published more than 10 research articles in SCI(E) journals