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Monika Papsdorf

Catalysis 2022
Monika Papsdorf, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland
Title : New derivatives of lasalocid acid as efficient ion carriers


Ionophore antibiotics are a large group of naturally-occurring compounds produced by different species of Streptomyces [1]. There are common used in the animal husbrandy industry and veterinary as e.g. feed additives and medicine. Lasalocid acid is classified as the most often utilized natural antibiotics used in the poultry and cattle holdings. Those feed additives are used to prevention and treatment of coccidiosis [2-4].

Ionophore comprises in their molecular structure both the lipophilic, as well as the hydrophilic counterparts, they are able to transport metal cations across lipid membranes. They disrupt the natural ion transport systems in cells and exhibit a variety of biological antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiinflammatory or antiacancer properties [5,6].

Even slight structural modifications of the antibiotic may result in changes within the complex from the structural point of view, which follows the ability of the ionophore to bind metal ions and transport them through the cell lipid layers. In case of the biologically active compounds this might confer to their antimicrobial properties.


MSc. Eng. Monika Papsdorf studied Chemistry at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland and graduated as MSc in 2017. She started her PhD in the research group of Prof. Radosław Pankiewicz. Her field of studies is modification and physicochemical research of natural ionophore antibiotics. She interned in Technical University in Dresden.