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Prashanth S Adarakatti

Catalysis 2022
Prashanth S Adarakatti, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
SVM Arts, Science & Commerce College, India
Title : Electrochemical Sensing of Mercury(II) Using a Nickel Ferrite/Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanocomposite Modified Screen-Printed Electrode as One-Shot Disposable Sensor


A simple and novel strategy for electrocatalytic detection of mercury(II) ion was successfully achieved on nickel ferrite embedded graphitic carbon nitride modified screen-printed electrode (g-C3N4/NiFe2O4/SPE). g-C3N4/NiFe2O4 composite was prepared by co-precipitation method and was characterized by various analytical spectroscopic techniques. The detailed studies confirmed that the synthesized g-C3N4/NiFe2O4 were crystalline, grown well in high density and exhibited good electrocatalytic properties. The electrochemical detection of mercury(II) ion at g-C3N4/NiFe2O4/SPE has been studied by using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry (DPSV). The results illustrate that g-C3N4/NiFe2O4 composite modified SPE has showed better electrocatalytic activity towards mercury(II) detection than that of bare SPE, g-C3N4/SPE and NiFe2O4/SPE in acetate buffer solution of pH 5. The proposed sensor showed acceptable reproducibility and stability under optimal conditions with high accessible surface area and antifouling properties. Additionally, the sensor showed very good linear range from 10 - 900 nM and based on the calibration plot, limit of detection (LOD) was calculated and was found to be  2.35 nM. Further, the proposed electrochemical sensor has been successfully employed to determine mercury(II) content in real sample matrices.


Dr Prashanth S. A., completed his Graduation in 2010 from JSS Degree College, Dharwad, India. He did his Post graduation in 2012 from P. C. Jabin Science College, Hubballi, India. He completed his Doctorate degree in 2017 from Central College, Bangalore University, India. Then he started his Postdoctoral studies in Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India. Presently he is working as Assistant Professor of Chemistry in SVM Arts, Science and Commerce College, ILKAL, affiliated to Rani Channamma University, Belagavi, Karnataka, India. He published more than 50 international peer-reviewed articles in refereed journals which includes ten book chapters in RSC and Elsevier publications. He recently awarded International Young Scientist award and Member of Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC), Cambridge, UK. Presently, he joined as a Visiting Scientist under the guidance of “Bharat Ratna Prof. CNR Rao” ICMS, JNCASR, Bengaluru, India. His research interests are electrochemical sensors, electroanalytical chemistry and materials chemistry for energy storage applications.