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Nikolaos C Kokkinos

Catalysis 2022
Nikolaos C Kokkinos, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
International Hellenic University, Greece
Title : A holistic approach for scaling-up novel catalytic processes


Many novel precursor catalysts, catalytic systems and even catalytic processes are being developed and studied in research laboratories without being able to reach chemical industry. Laboratories and institutes usually consume resources for further studying novel catalytic processes and not for scaling them up into industrial catalytic processes. On the other hand, chemical industry as well as oil and gas industry keen on turnkey solutions. The main scope of this study is a holistic approach of novel catalytic processes starting from the early stage of research and development until its overall financial audit. Hence, a novel application of heterogenized homogeneous catalysis applied on the neuralgic sector of energy was thoroughly examined taking into advantage its pioneering benefit that is the efficient and convenient recovering of the catalyst. Although energy sector has confronted with many difficulties in recent years, such as the extreme price variability in short periods, the instability of global supply and demand, and the increasing internal competition with numerous alternative forms of energy; a turn on in the use of new immersive technologies will offer to the industry high levels of productivity at low cost, while at the same time remaining profitable and competitive. The proposed methodology based on a sixfold process. Firstly, the research and development on the laboratory took place. Then, the chemical catalytic process was modelled and simulated. The next step is a verification, validation and testing of the model with the proper feedback from the laboratory experiments. Immersive technologies were used in order to create a virtual reality environment of the real field. Afterwards, the whole catalytic process was simulated in a virtual control room environment for supervisory, control and data acquisition of the chemical process. Finally, a dynamic overall financial audit of the industrial catalytic process implemented in real time. Consequently, a ready-to-use environment for the chemical industry was designed and developed.


Dr Nikolaos C. Kokkinos is Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the School of Science of the International Hellenic University (IHU), Greece. He is the Program Director of MSc in Oil and Gas Technology at IHU. He is in charge of Process Simulation in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Laboratory at IHU; and he holds a researcher position in the Division of Petroleum Forensic Fingerprinting (PFF) at Hephaestus Advanced Laboratory. Dr Kokkinos has more than 80 peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals and conference proceedings.  His research interests among others include applied catalysis and process modelling and simulation of complex substances