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Ozgur Arar

Catalysis 2021
Ozgur Arar, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Ege University, Turkey
Title : Sustainable removal of Phosphate from aqueous solutions by Electrodeionization (EDI)


Phosphorus is widely used in agriculture and industry. It is an important substance in the human body but excessive phosphorus in the water system may cause environmental problems known as eutrophication. In this work, the electrodeionization (EDI) technique was applied for the removal of phosphate from aqueous solutions. The effect of applied potential, the flow rate of phosphate-containing solution, the concentration of electrolyte circulated in electrode compartments, pH of the solution as well as interfering ions on the removal of phosphate were investigated. Solution pH has a notable effect on the removal rate. At pH 2, 83% of phosphate was removed from the solution while it was 97% at pH 6 and 12. When the applied potential was increased from 10V to 15V removal rate increased from 93% to 97%. The presence of interfering ions did not affect the removal rate.


Dr. Arar studied Chemistry at the Ege University, Turkey and graduated as MS in 2004. He received his PhD degree in 2012 at the same university. Dr. Özgür Arar (M), is well-experienced research chemist who specialises in the field of water treatment. His work currently focuses on membrane processes including, electrodialysis (ED), electrodeionization (EDI) and pressuredriven membrane processes such as reverses osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF). Moreover, Dr. Arar has experience in sorption processes and has considerable research output on water treatment by ion exchange resins. Furthermore, Dr. Arar works on preparation and modification of polymers and biopolymers for water treatment. He has published more than 30 research articles in SCI(E) journals.