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Kamila Splinter

Catalysis 2021
Kamila Splinter, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland
Title : Preparation of Iron pigments based on waste Iron(II) Sulfate


The study on the possibility of the synthesis of iron pigments based on a waste iron(II) sulfate from the production of titanium dioxide by the Sulfate Process in Grupa Azoty Zak?ady Chemiczne “POLICE” S.A. The work uses solid wastes from the 1980s, which have not been used so far. The purification process of the raw material was carried out, which allowed getting rid of impurities from iron(II) sulfate. The salt purified in this way was the starting material for the synthesis of iron pigments. The synthesis was carried out by two methods - the precipitation method and the precipitation method with the use of a microwave rector. Iron(III) oxide (red) and iron(III) hydroxide (yellow) pigments were synthesized. Instrumental analytic methods tested the obtained pigments, eg. X-ray Diffraction, FT-IR, or BET surface area analysis. The pigments were analyzed toward color and determination of the oil number as well. The results showed a change in physicochemical properties depending on the conditions and method of synthesis. Moreover, the similarity of the synthesized pigments to commercial pigments obtained from pure ingredients was found. Based on the obtained research results, it can be considered that waste iron(II) sulfate may be a potential raw material for the production of iron pigments.


B. Eng. Kamila Splinter is studying Chemical Technology at the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. Since beginning of hers studies, she taking part in research about waste management – she presented her works at conferences for young scientist in Poland, UAE and Portugal. She graduated as B. Eng. in February 2021.