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Bhavana B Kulkarni

Catalysis 2021
Bhavana B Kulkarni, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Materials Science & Catalysis Division, India
Title : One pot hydrogenation esterification of furfural with acetic acid for the selective synthesis of furfuryl acetate over bifunctional Pd(at)UiO 66(Hf) catalyst


Development of new strategies for tandem reactions that demands composite catalyst with multifunctionality is essential for bio-oil upgradation. This work focuses on a model bio-oil-upgrading method, one-pot hydrogenation-esterification (OHE) of furfural with acetic acid for the selective synthesis of furfuryl acetate using a bifunctional Pd@UiO-66(Hf) core-shell material. For comparison, the catalytic performance of support material [Pd/UiO-66(Hf)] synthesized by simple impregnation method was studied in the OHE reaction. The physicochemical properties of the materials have been systematically studied by employing various characterization techniques. Here, the high-synergistic effect of Brønsted acidic sites over SBU (Secondary building unit) of MOF and Pd NPs (Nanoparticles) in the core-shell material over Pd/UiO-66(Hf) is reflected in terms of the catalytic activity of the materials. The core-shell material demonstrated high catalytic activity with 56.6% yield of furfuryl acetate as compared to Pd/UiO-66(Hf) hybrid material (38.7% yield). The excellent performance exhibited by Pd@UiO66(Hf) outperformed the reported materials for this transformation. This avenue opens up the opportunities for the efficient transformation of bio-derived molecules into value-added products using bifunctional hybrid materials.


 Bhavana B. Kulkarni is currently working in Materials Science & Catalysis Division, Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research (PPISR), Bidalur Post, Devanahalli, Bangalore