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Teresa Poerio

Catalysis 2021
Teresa Poerio, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
CNR-ITM, Italy
Title : Catalytic and photocatalytic membrane reactors


The search for alternative methods to those applied for chemical production at an industrial level, such as reduction and oxidation processes, has become more intense. Many studies emphasize the innovative potentialities and the emerged role of the membrane reactors (MRs) [1,2] for improving existing industrial processes and for introducing new production methodologies. With respect to conventional reactors, MRs can improve the efficiency of chemical conversion processes reducing reactants consumption and by-product formation (and also reducing polluting emissions) by controlling of the residence time of substrate molecules inside the reactor. The membrane allows not only the easy recovery and reuse of the catalyst, immobilized on the membrane or just maintained in suspension, but also the selective separation of the desired product from the reaction mixture contributing to limit side reactions [1,2]. On this basis, improvements in terms of yield and selectivity can be expected. Higher energy efficiency, modularity, and easy scale-up are some other advantages of MRs with respect to conventional fixed bed reactors.


Dr. Teresa Poerio achieved her Master Degree in Chemistry (1999) at the University of Calabria under the supervision of prof. Giovanni De Munno, and she achieved the PhD (2006) in Chemical and Materials Engineering at University of Calabria under the supervision of prof. Raffaele Molinari. Since 2011, she is researcher at Institute on Membrane Technology. She is Advisor of several graduate students and co-supervisor of PhD students in collaboration with the University of Calabria.  She is author of more than 70 publications in international journals, 10 books chapters and more than 100 contributions to national and international Congresses.