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Catalysis 2019
Pusparatu, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Energy and Mineral Polytechnic, Indonesia
Title : Synthesis Na (Al) BEA (Beta) Zeolite by Dry Gel conversiona (DCG) and hydrothermal (HTS) Methods Effect of silica alumina ratio, synthesis times and synthesis methods


The synthesis Beta zeolite was studied by DGC and HTS methods. Beta Zeolite were compared by different synthesis methods using hydrothermal synthesis (HTS), dry gel conversion technique (DGC) with various silica to alumina ratios using structure directing agents at synthesis condition. Effect of synthesis gel composition, structure directing agent (template) and its concentration, synthesis time and synthesis method was studied in detail. The Beta was characterized by powder XRD, FT-IR, SEM, N2 adsorption, NH3 -TPD and solid state NMR. The TEAOH content in the starting gel influenced the phase selection, and the optimum range was found to be less than 0.1< TEAOH/SiO2 ratio is < 0.5 for Beta phase. The steaming time for crystallization of synthesis Beta zeolite with dry-gel conversion method and hydrothermal method has been studied. The steaming time for crystallization of synthesis Beta zeolite with dry-gel conversion method was faster than hydrothermal method. The product yield increased with increased the steaming time until 5 days for hydrothermal method and 24 hours for dry-gel conversion method. The particle size increased when the concentration of TEAOH was decreased. It is clear that small crystal size of Beta can synthesize by DGC method.


Dr. Pusparatu studied Chemistry at the Gifu University, Japan and graduated as M.Eng in 2000. She then joined the research group of Prof. Yoshihiro Sugi at the Gifu University of Catalysts and their Applications, Japan. She received her Ph.D degree in 2005 at the same University. After that She joind in the Reseach and Development Center for Oil and Gas Technology as reseacher. After eight years She Moved to Oil dan Gas Academy Cepu, Indonesia as A Lecturer.