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P Hubert Mutin

Catalysis 2019
P Hubert Mutin, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
CNRS- ICGM, France
Title : Non-hydrolytic sol-gel synthesis of oxide and mixed oxide catalytic materials


Oxides and mixed oxides are used as catalytic supports or as catalysts in all the fields of heterogeneouscatalysis. Sol-gel processing is widelyused for the synthesis of these catalytic materials. Conventional sol-gel typically involves the hydrolysis and polycondensation of precursors (e.g. silicon or metal alkoxides), but several alternative non-hydrolyticsol-gel (NHSG) routes have been developed over the last decades. NHSG routes involve the reaction in non-aqueous media of precursors (e.g. chlorides, alkoxides) with an organic oxygen donor (e.g. ether, alcohol). In this presentation I wish to show the potential of NHSG in the synthesis of catalytic materials. In particular, the reaction of chloride precursors with an ether provides a simple and cost effective route to non-ordered mesoporous mixed oxide xerogels, avoiding the use of multi-step procedures, expensive precursors, reactivity modifiers, templating agents or supercritical drying. This non-hydrolytic route has been applied to the design of mesoporous mixed oxide catalysts: SiO2 -TiO2 (-Me3 SiO0.5), TiO2 -V2 O5 , SiO2 -Al2 O3 -MoO3 , SiO2 -Al2 O3 -Re2 O7 , Al2 O3 -Nb2 O5 -AgO, SiO2 -ZrO2 , etc. In terms of texture, structure and catalytic performances, the catalysts obtained by non-hydrolytic sol-gel compare well with catalysts prepared by impregnation of supports or by state of the art methods.


P. Hubert Mutin is a CNRS Research Director at the Institute Charles Gerhardt of Montpellier, where he develops low temperature routes for the synthesis of oxide and hybrid materials. He authored about 160 articles in peer-reviewed journals (>6100 citations, h-index 48), 15 patents, 7 book chapters, and has given more than 100 presentations in international conferences, universities, and companies. He was Invited Scientist at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation in Lucas Heights, and at Masaryk University in Brno, and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the International Sol-Gel Society since 2016.