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Mio Hayashi

Catalysis 2019
Mio Hayashi, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Kanagawa Institute of industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Title : Investigation of mechanism on electrolytic Ozone generation using Pt/Ti electrode prepared by the multiple electrostrike method


There are several electrodes for electrochemical ozone generation, for example, boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrode and tantalum oxide–platinum composite electrode. However, these electrodes are not inexpensive, cannot be achieved having large area, and cannot be prepared with simple methods. In this work, electrochemical ozone generation at an easily prepared platinum-modified titanium (Pt/Ti) electrode was investigated in comparison with a BDD or a Pt electrode. The Pt/Ti electrode was prepared by our original method, multiple electrostrike (ME) method as follows. A vibrating Pt wire (cathode) was rubbed over a surface of a titanium plate (anode) with a potential of 7.5 V. Subsequently, ozone generation activities of the electrodes were evaluated in acryl sealed 36 L box. Ozone gas was generated potentiostatically (5 V) in 100 mL of 0.5 M H2 SO4 and dispersed by the fan. Ozone generation activity of the Pt/Ti electrode was found to be much higher than that of the BDD or the Pt electrode. In addition, ozone generation was confirmed in other electrolytes including NaHCO3 . From SEM observations, it was observed that molten Pt cluster on the Ti surface ranging from several nanometers to submicrometers were broken after the electrolysis. The result was expected to contribute to a better understanding of why the ozone generation increases with electrodes prepared by ME method. This research is attractive to development practical units for inexpensive and effective ozone generator.


Mio Hayashi received her BSc and MSc from Saitama University. After having engaged in an environmental consultant company, she has worked for the Photocatalyst Group at the Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC) since 2008. In recent years, she has researched photocatalytic environmental purification units and electrolysis ozone generation electrodes.