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Marek Wojnicki

Catalysis 2019
Marek Wojnicki, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
Title : Influence of oxygen containing functional groups on the deposition of Pd on the activated carbon surface as catalyst carrier


arbon supported palladium catalyst if frequently used in chemical synthesis. The goal of the work is to shed light on the process of Pd(II) ions adsorption from aqueous solution on the activated carbon and role of oxygencontaining functional groups on the process. It is well known that the carbon is hydrophobic, and thanks to the presence of oxygen-containing functional groups its hydrophilic properties can be controlled. For activated carbon oxidation modified Hummers’ method was applied. Additionally, comparative studies were performed with the application of reduced activated carbon. The elimination of oxygen-containing groups was possible thanks to the annealing of the activated carbon in a hydrogen atmosphere. It was found that the adsorption process strongly depends on the nature of activated carbon. Electronic state of palladium after adsorption strongly depends on the method how the activated carbon was prepared. In case of adsorption onto oxidized activated carbon, palladium after adsorption was found on +2 and 4+ oxidation state, where else after adsorption onto reduced activated carbon palladium was found on 0 and 2+ oxidation state. Moreover adsorption capacity of activated carbon depends on the method how the activated carbon was prepared. This clearly confirms, that there is a strong influence of oxygen-containing functional groups on the adsorption process as well as on catalyst synthesis.


PhD Marek Wojnicki studied Metallurgy at the University of Science and Technology in Poland and graduated as MS in 2008. He received his PhD degree in 2014 at the same institution. He has published more than 40 research articles in SCI journals. The main research topics of these works are nanomaterials and adsorption phenomenon.