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Carolina Belver

Catalysis 2019
Carolina Belver, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain
Title : Heterostructures for emerging pollutants degradation under sunlight irradiation


his presentation deals with the synthesis of novel heterostructures for the degradation of emerging pollutants by photocatalysis using sunlight. It will be discussed the properties of those heterostructures based on metal oxide semiconductors assembled over several supports. In order to provide a global vision clays and carbonbased materials have been used as porous supports. The discussion includes the comparison among different synthesis approaches, including sol-gel, microwave-assisted synthesis and solvothermal ways. The main aim of this presentation is the design and optimization of novel photocatalysts able to remove emerging pollutants in water by using sunlight irradiation. Therefore, several heterostructures will be presented based on titania and titania-modified assembled over silicates and carbon materials. The characterization of the resulting catalysts reveals the formation of oxide nanoparticles that remain anchored to the surface of the support. The photodegradation of emerging pollutants (acetaminophen and antypirine) will be discussed in order to evaluate the photocatalytic efficiency of these heterostructures. Several parameters have been considered to design the best photocatalyst, taking in mind the physical-chemical properties of both oxide and support. In some cases, the synergic effect of oxide nanoparticles and support allowed the photodegradation after a few hours of irradiation. A complete study of both effects will be necessary to design optimum sunlight photocatalysts, pointing out the relevance of their efficiency and stability.


Carolina Belver is Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering Section at Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain since 2011. She received the Ph.D. in 2004 at University of Salamanca (Spain). Her specialization and current researches are related to design, processing and evaluation of novel heterostructures for applications in environmental remediation, mainly focused on heterogeneous catalysis and photocatalysis. Before the current position, she enjoyed competitive postdoctoral contracts at Catalysis and Petrochemistry Institute (2005- 2007), and Material Science Institute of Madrid (2008-2011), Spain. She is associate editor of the Chemical Engineering Journal, coauthor of more than 50 publications and eight chapter-books, and received in 2013 a Fulbright Fellowship. She has national and international collaborations mainly focused on synthesis of novel catalysts and adsorbents, and removal of pollutants by advanced oxidation technologies.