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Eng Poh Ng

Catalysis 2019
Eng Poh Ng, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Title : Fast hydrothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline Cs Aluminosilicate zeolites catalysts free of organic template


Zeolites are crystalline aluminosilicates which have well defined channels and cavities. Zeolites are commonly used in ion exchange, catalysis and separation processes due to their unique crystalline structure and tunable surface properties. Subdivision of zeolites into fine particles (1000 bar) and long crystallization time and also, their nanocrystalline form has not been reported so far. Thus, mild and safer synthesis condition with lower heating temperature and pressure remains challenging in Cs-zeolites synthesis. In this presentation, we intend to report the successful synthesis of two types of organotemplate-free nanosized Cs-zeolites using traditional and microwave-assisted hydrothermal techniques. Besides discussing the crystallization for synthesizing the molecular sieves, the properties of zeolites are studied before they are investigated in several catalytic reactions.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Eng Poh received his BSc (first class honors) degree (2004) in industrial chemistry and MSc in chemistry (2006) from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia. He obtained his PhD degree in 2009 from University of Upper Alsace, France under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Svetlana Mintova. After postdoctoral work in the University of Caen, France, he was appointed as a senior lecturer (2010) at the Universiti Sains Malaysia. His main research is devoted to the synthesis, characterization and application of microporous and mesoporous silica-based materials for catalysis and new applications. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers and his H-index is 20.