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Tsuyoshi Ochiai

Catalysis 2019
Tsuyoshi Ochiai, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Kanagawa Institute of industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC), Japan
Title : Design and optimization for environmental application of TiO2 photocatalysts


I n view of the situation that environmental issues become more serious day by day, application of the strong oxidation ability of photo-excited TiO2 for environmental purification has received growing attention.. Under this circumstance, we summarized several key requirements for an effective photocatalytic environmental purification: (1) catalyst immobilization strategy for a cost-effective solid–liquidseparation, (2)integrated or coupling system for enhanced photo mineralizationor photo-disinfection kinetics,and (3) effective design of photocatalytic reactor system especially enlargement of reactive surface area and improvement of mass transfer. Based on these insights, recent achievements for development of photocatalytic environmental purification system with our contribution in each aspect and future research directionsare discussed. For examples, combination of non-thermal plasma treatment and TiO2 -depositted Timesh filter for practical air-purifier, advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) with O3 treatment for water purification, and solar-driven electrochemical and photo catalytic water treatment system with boron-doped diamond electrodes. we can expect that the continuous improvements of the material property and the reactor design would create a large number of effective environmental purification systems. Finally, we feel that, photocatalysis can realize a healthy and comfortable living environment.


T. Ochiai completed a doctoral course at the Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Materials. Many of his current research and development projects are related to environmental purification. Already many products such as photocatalytic filter materials and air-purifiers have been released by fruitful cooperation with the companies.He has published more than 70 research articles (for more details: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tsuyoshi_Ochiai).