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Christo Boyadjiev

Catalysis 2019
Christo Boyadjiev, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Title : A new approach to modeling and simulation the catalytic processes in column apparatuses


The industrial column catalytic reactors are possible to be modeled, using the new approach on the base of the physical approximations of the mechanics of continua. As a result, a convection-diffusion type model (for qualitative analysis) and an average-concentration type model (for quantitative analysis) are possible to be used for the catalytic processes modeling in column apparatuses, in the cases of physical and chemical adsorption mechanism. A numerical analysis shows, that average concentration model, where the radial velocity component is equal to zero (in the cases of a constant velocity radial non-uniformity along the column height), is possible to be used in the cases of an axial modification of the radial non-uniformity of the axial velocity component. The use of experimental data, for the average concentration at the column end, for a concrete process and column, permits to be obtained the model parameters, related with the radial non-uniformity of the velocity. These parameter values permits to be used the average concentration model for modeling of different processes in the cases of different values of the column height, average velocity, reagent diffusivity, chemical reaction rate constant, etc. This possibility will be used for modeling of the catalytic processes in a gas-solid column apparatus.


Education and degrees: 1. Education (1954 – 1960) - Higher Institute of Chemical Technology (Sofia, Bulgaria); 2. PhD (1968) – USSR, Moscow Institute of Chemical Mechanical Engineering; 3. Doctor of Technical Sciences (1978), Higher Institute of Chemical Technology (Sofia, Bulgaria). Awards: Bulgarian Order of Cyril and Methodius (first class); Russian Federation Order of Mihailo Lomonosow (National Committee for Public Prizes). Employment: Institute of Chemical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Science, since 1962; Professor in Chemical Engineering, since 1981; Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science – 2008. International activity: Editor-in-Chief of the “Transactions of Academenergo” (Scientific journal of the Russian Academy of Science); Member of the Editorial Board for the “British Journal of Engineering & Technology”; Editorial Advisory Board Member of the “Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering”; Chairman of the Scientific Council of the International Scientific Centre for Power and Chemical Engineering Problems (http://www. int-sci-center.bas.bg); Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Workshop on “Transport Phenomena in Two-Phase Flows” (No.1 - 15). Publications: Scientific papers 218. Monographies 9 (www.iche.bas.bg/Books_BG.htm).