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Virginija Kepeniene

Catalysis 2019
Virginija Kepeniene, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Virginija Kepeniene
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania


Dr. Virginija KepenienÄ— got her PhD degree in 2012 at the Department of Catalysis of Center for Physical Sciences and Technology. After a post-doctoral internship related to the investigation of catalysts for alkaline fuel cells she continued her work as a researcher at the same Department in relation to the various nano-scale materials formation and investigation. She has been working as a senior researcher since 2017. Virginija KepenienÄ— actively participates in scientific activity. She is co-author of 21 publications, among them 16 keynote author. 52 contributions to conferences, of which 28 is the keynote speaker.Co-author of the Lithuanian patent.