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Remigiusz Kowalik

Catalysis 2019
Remigiusz Kowalik, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Remigiusz Kowalik
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland


Remigiusz Kowalik graduated at the University of Science and Technology in Krakowin 2000 (M.Sc.) and 2006 (Ph.D.) under the guidance of Professor Krzysztof Fitzner. He studied electrochemical atomic layer deposition methods with Professor Maria Luisa Foresti (Florence, Italy), electrodeposition of gold nanoclusters with Professor Derek Pletcher (Southampton, UK), electrochemistry of palladium and sonoelectrochemistry with Professor Peter Birkin (Southampton, UK), and electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy with Dieter Kolb (Ulm, Germany). Now, he is a member of the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals, AGH University of Science and Technology. His research interests are related mainly to electrochemistry and electrodeposition of metals and semiconductors and electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy.