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Mahdi Bourassi

Catalysis 2021
Mahdi Bourassi, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Mahdi Bourassi
Environnemental Science, Czech Republic


Mahdi Bourassi Graduated with a MSc. fundamental chemistry, in 2018, from the Chouib Doukali University, El Jadida, Morocco, after completing an internship at University of Oulu, Finland. Now he is a PhD student at the Environmental Science Institute, Charles University, Prague. He also works at the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Department of Membrane Separation Processes, as a research assistant. He set up a fellowship with Poitiers University, France, to expand his research on elimination of drugs from water through hybrid process, membrane separation followed by Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation processes, he is a member of the MELEV project.