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Karine Philippot

Catalysis 2019
Karine Philippot, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Karine Philippot
CNRS, France


After a PhD degree in Chemistry at the University of Toulouse-France and a postdoctoral position at the catalysis department of Rhodia-Lyon, Dr. Karine Philippot integrated CNRS. She is presently Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry (LCC) in Toulouseand head of the team “Engineering of Metal Nanoparticles”. Her research interests deal with the synthesis of metal nanoparticles and composite nanomaterials by using molecular chemistry concepts for their application in colloidal or supported catalysis and in the domain of energy. She is co-author of >160 peer reviewed papers (with 5 reviews, 13 proceedings, 9 book chapters, 6 patents) and co-editor of the book “Nanomaterials in Catalysis” (Wiley)