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Kaibi Amel

Catalysis 2023
Kaibi Amel, Speaker at Catalysis 2023
Kaibi Amel
Larbi University of Tebessi, Algeria


 kaibi amel at university assistant prof at university Labi Tbessi tebessa in Algeria. I started my research work within the Physical Materials Laboratory (LPM), solid solution (Houari Boumediene University of Science and Technology), directed by Professor A. Raho, in which I had prepared my dissertation. magister entitled: Contribution to the study of the influence of mechanical treatments on pre-precipitation in the AL-21%Zn alloy by weight. In 2011, I started work on a doctoral thesis in science entitled elaboration and study of the microstructural, hyperfine and magnetic structural properties of NiFe nanomaterials, very honorable mention within the Materials Physics Laboratory (LPM), layers thin and semiconductors, Faculty of Physics, U.S.T.H.B. directed by Professor M. Kechouane and at the level of the Mössbauer Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Algiers Nuclear Research Center (CRNA) under the direction of A. Guittoum, research director. This work was done in collaboration with Advanced Thin Film Technology Laboratory of Anadolu University, Turkey under the direction of Professor Ramis Mustafa Öksüzoglu, and Laboratory for Studies and Research on Materials, Processes and Surfaces (IRTES-LERMPS), led by Professor Alain Billard, from the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) of France, During this period, my research work focused on the study of nanostructured powders and Ni75Fe25 thin films. The objective was to see if the nanostructured state of Ni75Fe25 powders can induce modifications in the physical properties of the evaporated films. This allowed us to finalize a thesis document and publish four scientific articles