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Jose C Conesa

Catalysis 2022
Jose C Conesa, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Jose C Conesa
Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry, Spain


J.C. Conesa entered the ICP staff in 1979. He was ICP Director in 2014-2018, and is now Ad Honorem Professor in ICP. He was first in Spain using synchrotron radiation to study heterogeneous catalysis; also first in CSIC using quantum calculations to understand them. Active in XPS and FTIR (including operando), EPR and UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopies. He worked on CeO2-supported metals/oxides for H2 production, keeping always interest in photocatalysis. He belongs to the Steering Committee of AMPEA, a JP of the European EERA for sustainable energy. His >200 articles and book chapters received about 10000 citations, producing a Hirsch index h=57.