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Bunsho Ohtani

Catalysis 2021
Bunsho Ohtani, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Bunsho Ohtani
Hokkaido University, Japan


The research work on photocatalysis by Professor Bunsho Ohtani started in 1981 when he was a Ph. D. course student in Kyoto University. Since then he has been studying photocatalysis and related topics for 40 years and published more than 300 original papers (h-index: 70) and two single-author books. After gaining his Ph. D. degree from Kyoto University in 1985, he became an assistant professor in the university. In 1996, he was promoted to an associate professor in Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University and was then awarded a full professor position in the Catalysis Research Center (presently Institute for Catalysis), Hokkaido University in 1998. He was awarded several times form the societies related to chemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry and catalysis chemistry.