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Ahmed Sadeq Al Fatesh

Catalysis 2019
Ahmed Sadeq Al Fatesh, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Ahmed Sadeq Al Fatesh
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


Dr. Ahmed S. Al-Fatesh: Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has three USA registered patents and over 100 publications in International journals and conferences. He has theoretical and experimental capabilities and he also gained first hand research experience on several state of the art catalyst characterization techniques. He has been involved in a number of research projects which focus on catalyst development, syngas/hydrogen production and utilization of greenhouse gases through reforming processes like dry reforming, steam reforming and catalytic decomposition of methane. Currently, the research’s interests include: heterogeneous catalysis, nano-material synthesis, chemical reaction engineering, petrochemical industrie.